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Therapy has never worked for me. It’s expensive, difficult to find the right match, and no matter how hard I try, I consciously or unconsciously filter what I say because I don’t feel completely known, safe, or free. I eventually gave up and just accepted that I’m a really private person. It isn’t that I’m not open and vulnerable with people, I definitely am. But I’m infinitely more open and vulnerable within the safety of my own self, a pen, and a piece of paper.

My healing happens through learning and self-reflection, on repeat, over and over again. Whenever I struggle with a certain issue, I seek out knowledge by reading loads of books on the topic, attending lectures and workshops, and engaging in deep introspective reflection through a unique journaling process.

Each of these volumes are on subjects I myself struggled with for years and sought knowledge for. They contain all I have learned through my own research across disciples from psychology and theology to spirituality and counseling. I curated based on what worked best for me and the hundreds of people whom I have ministered to and now, offer them to you for a fraction of the cost of one therapy session to help you create the life of your dreams.

As such, these workbooks are distinct from most self-help and psychology curriculums in that they are interdisciplinary and incorporate my unique journaling process. I provide finely tuned prompts and questions to help you unearth your deepest truths and longings. For years, I was convinced that the truth lived outside of me and I needed to find that expert or that piece of information to guide me. And then I realized that the voice of truth and wisdom lived within me all along, I just had to start listening. Journaling is the process by which that still small voice of truth and wisdom within each one of us speaks.

Journaling also sparks action. In Rising Strong: The Reckoning, The Rumble, The Revolution, Brené Brown writes, “We move what we’re learning from our heads to our heads through our hands.” Oftentimes, we hear earth-shattering wisdom but forget it as soon as we start doing another activity. Writing down our reflections and realizations enables us to actually apply new insights into our everyday lives.

There is also a strong spiritual undergirding in most of these workbooks because I find it almost impossible to pursue our dream lives without divine guidance. Our vision as humans is limited and our emotions, ever-changing. We need a perspective and support from something or somebody much bigger than ourselves. I define this something or somebody as God but if you don’t connect with that word, I encourage you to substitute that word with another divine concept such as spirit, love, or universe. These workbooks are meant to be inclusive of all people, no matter their faith tradition or lack thereof.

Use these individually or in groups. Move at your own pace and watch your life transform.