Volume 1: Elevate Your Joy and Purpose

Volume 1: Elevate Your Joy and Purpose

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Hey, friend. I have some good news for you. You can stop chasing after those gold stars and others’ approval of you. Let go of measuring your life based on accomplishments or outcomes. Your worth and value are already infinite, predetermined and nonnegotiable. So now, you are free to craft a life of your own making, a life that aligns with your values, delights and dreams.

This is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to elevate your joy and figure out how you truly want to live so you approach your life with more purpose. Happiness and the pursuit of happiness has been receiving a lot of attention these days for better and for worse. For better because it is inspiring us to live with more intention; for worse because it convinces us that happiness is a permanent state we can achieve. It isn’t for two reasons: First, our emotions are, by nature, always changing and second, happiness is so strongly correlated to favorable circumstances. Joy and purpose on the other hand, are states that transcend our emotions and circumstances and are the true sources of our fulfillment.

This workbook is for anybody who never seems to be satisfied with their life and longs to experience more joy but doesn’t know how to go about it.

There are five modules in this workbook: (1) The Heart of Living Joyfully; (2) Values-Based Living; (3) Dissolve Your Limiting Beliefs and Old Stories; (4) Practical Tools to Dissolve Anxiety and Resentment Narratives and; (5) Trust, Gratitude and Play. Note that the first module has a strong Christian foundation. If you aren’t comfortable with Christian ideas and language, substitute the word, “God” with another divine concept you connect with more such as universe, love or spirit.

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