Volume II: Discover Your Career and Calling

Volume II: Discover Your Career and Calling

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This is not just a career guidance workbook. 

It’s a workbook that will evoke your scared-to-say-aloud dreams and then, help you take the steps to make those dreams a reality. 

A lot of career guidance books emphasize hard work and commitment, which is important, but this workbook does something else as well. It shows you that the universe is rooting for you, trying to help you in every way possible and wanting to show you a way if you would but recognize that assistance and receive it. I introduce you to various methods of engaging with the universe and how to notice, see, and hear all the ways it’s trying to help you. 

This subject of discovering one’s calling and career is close to my heart as I agonized over choosing a career for many years. Once I acquired the tools and knowledge to go about this intimidating endeavor, I began to help others through the form of workshops and classes. This is the first time I have compiled all of this research and experience into one concise workbook. 

This workbook also addresses the many issues that keep people from pursuing their dream careers: insecurities, self-doubt, limiting narratives, resentment, fear and the need to prove one’s worth to others. I provide many practical tools to help you engage in deep, healing work to break free from these self-defeating tendencies. 

There’s also an entire module on a topic I myself have struggled the most with: how to live in the in-between period of having realized what my dreams are and the full manifestation of those dreams. There are very few resources on this particular struggle so I had to figure it out on my own. And now, I offer it to the rest of you so you can experience more joy and presence at every moment of the journey towards your dreams.

This workbook is for those who are confused about what career path they should take and/or are dissatisfied with their current job situation. You can be a recent college graduate, a retiree who is trying to discern out how to spend their golden years or anybody in between. 

There are four modules in this workbook: (1) You Are a Superhero; (2) Identify and Deactivate Your Limiting Beliefs; (3) Change and Inspired Action and; (4) How to Live in This In-Between Time.

* This 37-page workbook is in PDF format, which can be downloaded instantly upon purchase. An additional hardcopy will not be mailed to you. All sales are final and no refunds are permitted.