Rev. Lydia Is Going on Summer Break! And Other Life Updates

Photo from  Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

Don’t worry, it’s just for a couple months. If you’re new to this site, I still encourage you to subscribe down below as I’ll be back in the full swing of delivering weekly posts in September. In the meantime, you can delve into the rich database of previous musings and epiphanies. 

My parents are major gardeners and while I don’t garden much myself, I’ve applied a thing or two from their abundant gardening knowledge. One such piece of knowledge is the need for fallow seasons where a patch of soil rests for a period of time to rejuvenate its nutrients. 

After a year of blogging almost every single week, I’ve decided to observe a brief fallow season so that I too, can rejuvenate my nutrients. But lest you think I’ll be taking it easy, the fallow season will actually be dedicated to pursuing some other big life projects. The first is that as of June 24, 2019, I am officially the new Senior Minister at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church. This means a whole new slew of responsibilities as well as a move to a new (and much bigger! gulp.) office. The second big project is that I’m working on…drum roll please…a book! More shall be revealed in time.

The third and final update I’ve been dying to share with all of you is…I’m pregnant with a baby girl! I’m about 22 weeks along and my expected due date is late October. Many of you know that we already have a son who is about to turn 3 in July. He, like my husband and me, are ridiculously excited about this new addition to our family. You can see my baby bump in a family photo below.

Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 6.16.34 AM.png

Thank you all, so very much, for being a part of this community. Whether you’re a recent subscriber or have been following me for the past year, I am honored you take time each week to read my reflections and sometimes, even share with me what’s going on in your life. It’s heartening to hear about how many of you are going through similar struggles or have experienced almost identical revelations. This life is so beautiful yet so crazy and hazy at times that it’s nice to journey through it with the rest of you.

Finally, as I take this brief fallow period, I hope you find periods of rest for yourself as well. 

Much, much love to all of you,