The One Common Factor in All Happiness Studies

Photo from  Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

Studies on happiness are all the rage right now. Why are some people happier than others? How do we increase our happiness? What basic components lead to a happy life? A new study or survey is released each year with different emphases but there is one factor that never changes: the happiest people are those who are embedded into a strong community of love and support. This community can consist of any group of people such as family members, neighbors, coworkers, fellow little league parents, etc. It just has to be a community of folks they have fun with, feel comfortable with, support and are supported by.

While this may sound obvious and simple, it’s actually not so simple to cultivate and maintain strong and healthy relationships. Many of us live in constant conflict with others. And some of us have been living with fractured relationships for long periods of time. We may have grown numb to those estrangements and accepted them as a part of our lives. Just as rich relationships make us happy, the opposite is true as well: broken relationships and conflicts zap our energy, strip us of our joy, and manifest physically through bodily illnesses.

We humans are wired for connection and we crave community but unfortunately, many of us don’t know how to create and sustain those kinds of connections.

I know how you feel. I am not immune and have never been immune to relational conflicts, which is what motivated me to further research what it takes to achieve healthy and strong relationships all around me. So on this day, finally, I am thrilled to share that the third volume of my Simple Workbook series is OUT. It is called, “Cultivate Healthy Relationships and Mend Broken Ones.” This workbook is the culmination of my own research, personal experiences and experiences of helping others for the last decade. It is solely dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge and tools to improve all relationships in your life, have less conflict, reconcile with those whom you have disconnected from, learn to forgive and be forgiven and much, much more such as, why is it that the people whom you love the most irritate you the most? And what can you do to change that dynamic? There are sample scripts and strategically placed sections for self-reflection so you can apply all of the tools and knowledge you learn.

The best part is that it’s only $10, a teeny tiny fraction of the many therapy sessions you would need to actually learn all of this knowledge and tools to become more emotionally intelligent and relationally gifted.

There are eight modules in the workbook: (1) We Are Happiest When We Have Good and Strong Relationships; (2) Inside the Minds of Those of Us Who Are in Constant Conflict with Others; (3) Toxic People, Forgiving Others and More; (4) Asking for Forgiveness and Reaching out to Those Who Don't Want to Have a Relationship with You; (5) Improving Already Good Relationships; (6) A Word Regarding Spouses and Family Members; (7) Calming and Realignment Hacks and; (8) Mental Illnesses and Neurodiversity. There are also many opportunities for self-reflection throughout the workbook and sample scripts for you to use.

Head on over and start making this most-important-factor for human happiness a priority in your life.