Know Thyself Through Journaling

Photo from  Pixabay

Photo from Pixabay

I began journaling, or rather, I should say, writing in my diary, when I was in elementary school. My dad was the one who encouraged me to start doing this. He suggested writing down my thoughts in a book at the end of each day to remember significant moments. So I started to do it. My first diary was pink with a lock on it. 

Like most children of that age, I wasn’t very discipled with this practice but I remember how cleansing it felt for me each time I did it. Writing helped me to sort out my crazy and big emotions about school, friends, family and of course, boys I had crushes on. 

Journaling eventually did become a daily habit, to the point where I if forgot to do it or felt too busy to squeeze it in, I would feel less connected to myself and more anxious. 

I don’t write for a long periods of time. Usually now, for a few minutes in the morning to unload whatever is on my mind and then at the end of the day to check in with myself. And then of course, on an at-needed basis any time throughout the day when I’m experiencing strong emotions and need to work them through. Just sitting on my desk and asking myself, what are you feeling on a post-it note and responding from my gut re-centers me. 

This regular practice has enabled me to develop a very strong sense of self, which has helped me to withstand external pressures to be like this or to do that. I used to be very susceptible to people-pleasing and taking advice from well-meaning people or experts. No longer. 

For most of my life, I believed that the truth was outside of me. Certainly, that person who seemed to have his life put together had all the answers that I needed to learn! Certainly, this book or religion had all the answers I needed to be happier! But what ended up happening is that whenever I applied the “expert advice” onto my own life, it never felt right, like I was walking around with a pair of shoes two sizes too large, which caused major blisters. 

Fortunately, I had my own version of the Copernican Revolution and learned that the truth was not outside of me but within me the entire time, I just had to learn the tools to uncover that inner voice of truth and wisdom. 

This is why I created this series of workbooks with my unique journaling method within each workbook. I am now so committed to helping others live in alignment with their authentic selves and to put an end to their tireless endeavors to seek answers outside of themselves. 

Each workbook contains crucial learning and then spaces to write freely with journaling prompts to guide individuals from confusion to clarity to commitment. Many times, it’s not that we don’t have much to journal about. Rather, we don’t know where to begin. We don’t know what questions to ask ourselves to unleash our inner voices. 

Take a look at these workbooks to see if any of these topics can help you move forward in your life.

If they aren’t relevant to you at the moment, I highly recommend a regular journaling practice to know thyself. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a pretty journal, your computer or scrap pieces of paper. No need to get too sophisticated. Just a daily, tell me how you’re doing today to prompt yourself and a ten minute block to respond freely will build a stronger connection with your authentic self.