"Discover Your Calling and Career" is OUT and More...

A snapshop of me during my LEAD 2019 talk. More details below.

A snapshop of me during my LEAD 2019 talk. More details below.

Hello friends, I’m SO excited to announce that Volume II of the Simple Workbook series, “Discover Your Calling and Career” is now released for sale. 

This is decades worth of research and experience in one book. I’ve taught several versions of this topic in person and finally created a workbook version so anybody can go through this discovery process on their own no matter where they live and at their own pace. 

This curriculum is very different from other career guides in several ways. First, many career guides simply emphasize hard work and diligence, which is important, but I find it’s incomplete without spiritual guidance from God (or the universe. Use whatever divine concept you connect with most). We need this assistance because our vision as humans is so limited. Our biggest dreams are achieved through a combination of our efforts and divine guidance. 

I also address a lot of the blocks many people have in regards to pursuing their dream careers: insecurities, self-doubt, limiting narratives, resentment, fear and the need to prove one’s worth to others. I provide many practical and user-friendly tools to help you engage in deep, healing work to break free from these self-defeating tendencies. 

There is so much more to the workbook. To purchase or read a fuller description, go here

Secondly, happy belated Mother’s Day! I preached this past Sunday on how excavating the feminine attributes of God strengthened my connection to God. For most of my life, I saw God as an old King-like figure with a long white beard sitting on a throne a billion miles away from me. I spent many years trying to earn his love and fearing I would get smited any time I did anything less than strive for utmost holiness. And then…I experienced God as my mom and everything changed. Hear the sermon here

Finally, my talk for LEAD 2019 was also released today. LEAD is a community of church leaders all over the world. They hold a conference every year in a major U.S. city and I had the honor of speaking at the most recent one. I shared about my own journey from experiencing ministry as a burden to experiencing ministry as pure gift. I began with, “God doesn’t care about the decline of the church.” Curious about what I meant? Go here to take a listen.