My Truth Club

The three of us doing what we do best: wining and dining.

The three of us doing what we do best: wining and dining.

I recently got into Ruth Soukup's podcast and loved her episode on accountability and creating truth clubs, which immediately made me think of S. and L. who have comprised of my truth club for the last five years. I shared in "Making Friends as Adults" that the best advice I have received on making friends as adults is to "do what you love and there, you will find who you love." So it makes perfect sense that I met these two! And what began as our weekly post-Sunday-service-brunch turned into a rich friendship. Even as we have moved around, we have managed to keep seeing one another to share our common loves: good food, one another and speaking truth into one another's lives. And this means both kinds of truths: The, I-hate-to-tell-you-this-but-you-need-to-know-this-about-yourself kind of truth and the really comforting, soothing, you-are-amazing-and-infinitely-lovable-even-though-you-just-told-me-the-worst-thing-about-yourself kind of truth.

As we prepare for yet another move where the three of us are scattering again, I am ever so grateful for the last few weeks with this truth club in its current form. 

Truth clubs form and end, they have different incarnations, there are different kinds. I have a mommy truth club with a couple of my dearest friends, a grad school truth club, you get the idea. 

Who are the people in your life you can turn to when you need a good dose of truth? There are probably some who are not even coming to mind at the moment because some of our most trustworthy friends have a more subtle presence. Whoever they are, treasure them immensely because these folks can be hard to find but are necessary for getting through the muck of life by increasing our joy and lightening our loads by removing the shackles of judgment we often place upon ourselves. 

I have a tendency of wanting to keep things to myself like my worries, successes and musings because as a Type Four on the Enneagram, we convince ourselves that we are so unique that nobody else can truly understand us. Not only is that not the case, but it is less isolating and more empowering to be invested in other peoples' lives and know they are invested in ours. 

While I could pay tribute to several different truth clubs that have been essential for my health and happiness, here's a toast to this particular truth club that has gotten me through my worst, failure moments to my highest, congratulatory moments in my adult life thus far. Thank you L. and S.