My Happiness Manifesto

Photo by  Indypendez

Photo by Indypendez

Inspired by Gretchin Rubin’s Habits Manifesto, I’ve compiled my own set of simple reminders that always guide me to happiness. I’ve gathered these over the years as pieces of wisdom that especially resonate with my personal experiences so I encourage you to create your own customized Happiness Manifesto.

  1. Whatever unfolds in the future will come as a result of how you live now. (Jess Lively)

  2. Whenever you are overwhelmed or distracted, ask yourself what is the single most important thing for me in this moment. Focus on that and release the rest. (Gary Keller and Jay Papasan)

  3. When we give more to ourselves, we can ask more from ourselves. (Gretchen Rubin)

  4. Whenever you have an urge to eat, say, or do something you’ll regret later, accept and even embrace the urge. But do not feed it. The urge always, always passes. (Brooke Castillo)

  5. Avoid putting off things until you are “in the right mood.” Commit yourself to productive, meaningful work that will contribute to your good and that of others, no matter how small the contribution may be because you are happiest when you are practicing your gifts. (The Enneagram Institute)

  6. We can’t make people change, but when we change, others may change. (Gretchen Rubin)

  7. Pray, trust and wait when you are asking a question that cannot be answered with your current set of information and resources. Guidance will always come to you at the right time. (Jesus)

  8. Always be true to yourself and what you know to be right, even if you aren’t liked for it. (Me, learned from previous mistakes.)

  9. Drop your victim story and claim your power and responsibility as the artist of your own life. (Many people)

  10. Make helpful lists like this and come back to them often. (See my previous piece on Marriage Hacks for more on this.)


This manifesto was also published on Medium here.