workshops and classes


I preach regularly at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on Sunday mornings and lead assorted retreats, classes and workshops throughout the year. You can go to the church’s website to find out more and subscribe to our email newsletter.

I also offer an online class called, “Spiritual Decision Making.”

The course is designed for those who are having difficulty making a decision(s) from everyday decisions (Should I attend this conference? Should I start this new diet?) to high-stakes dilemmas we all have to face (Should I marry this person? Should I take this job offer?). 

Traditional rational/logical methods of decision making such as pro/con lists and decision trees are incredibly limiting because they are driven by our so-called "rational" minds, which are almost always motivated by a fear of the unknown and insecurity. When we access our deeper subconscious however, we discover our dreams and garner the courage to take steps towards those dreams.

Students are introduced to four different but complementary methods that help illuminate what they truly want and need with a focus on spiritual awareness and integrity. Whether as replacements or supplements to the traditional rational/logical decision making methods, these tools help students align with their authentic and unique selves.

All are welcome to take this class. Prior experience is not required. The course is offered through Skillshare so students have to pay a nominal but worthwhile fee for a wealth of resources.